Bootcamp on the beach

Bootcamp on the beach


playa del carmen beach bootcampLooking for a Playa del Carmen bootcamp on the beach for your group while you are here on vacation? This is my specialty. With 10 years of successful group fitness instruction in the United States and here in the Mayan Riviera I have become an expert at indoor and outdoor workouts for groups and personal training. With my Kick Butt bootcamp program in the United States I helped thousands of people get stronger, more toned and lose weight with military style functional training techniques. Many experts now agree that the  best exercises are with your own bodyweight to improve strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.

With my indoor team training and  group personal training we are able to use mats and small dumbbells to create many different combinations of exercises and variations of squats, lunges, pushing and pulling movements. I mastered this style over many years to learn the most efficient exercises to improve core strength and balance at the same time as getting the normal strength, endurance and cardio training that you would expect from calisthenics.

It’s different on the beach.

What I discovered when I started coaching people on the beach here in Playa del Carmen and Tulum is that many of the exercises do not work well on the sand and you end up with sand in your face and everywhere, especially with ground exercises. I had to rethink the training programs a bit and adapt my style a little to make a more enjoyable workout program for a beach bootcamp in Playa. The end result is that I now have an incredible signature group fitness program that I call Coconut Beach Bootcamp. I have a bodyweight only routine as well, but whats fun about the coconuts is that they allow you to work with some resistance. We will be using them like medicine balls to create fun and challenging functional exercises on the beach.

What you can expect with my Bootcamp on the Beach group classes:

  • Professional presentation and choreography
  • Punctual Arrival at you villa or beach location in Playa or Tulum
  • Workout for all fitness levels with alternate exercises
  • Coconuts and music on request
  • Safe, effective Personal Training from an experienced coach
  • 60-75 minute class with dynamic warmup and cool down stretching

How much does it cost?

$75.- $150. USD per class depending on your location.

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