Why You Should Change Your Fitness Routine

Muscle Confusion is a popular term lately even though the concept has been around for many years. All it really means is not doing the same routine all the time because your muscles and your nervous system adapt and you stop getting results. Everyone, including me, has routines in their life. We like them, they make us feel comfortable and it can be hard to leave our comfort zones and try something new, but to get results we must change. Fitness routines should be changed often to keep the body balanced and challenged. This is called Periodization. I like changing routines every 6-8 weeks although up to 3 months is OK.

To fully benefit from strength training our muscles need to be overloaded with progressively more and more resistance as we adapt and get stronger. This will give us the toning and weight loss we are all looking for. You can start getting real weight loss, strength and endurance results by changing to a routine that is Efficient, Balanced, and Challenging to you.
If you’re spending 3-5 hours at the health club anyway, wouldn’t you rather get results? An Efficient routine is one that doesn’t waste your time and energy on less effective exercises. A Balanced routine is one that combines strength, core, cardio, and flexibility training to give you full body fitness and avoid injury. A Challenging routine is one that has a Volume and Variety of exercises and an intense, vigorous pace.

People often ask me which is better. Heavy weights and less reps or lighter weights with more reps. The answer is that it doesn’t matter as long as you are increasing your workout intensity. The only two ways to increase intensity are:

1. Load/Weight/Resistance- Increasing the resistance or load requires greater muscular effort and improves strength and power.

2. Speed/HIIT- Increasing the speed of your workout and or taking shorter rest breaks will improve your cardiovascular endurance and stamina.

Combining these two ways will help you to develop a more balanced fitness than just using one.

The ultimate weight loss and total body fitness program is one that includes these elements of training combined with light eating and may incorporate High Intensity Intervals and Plyometrics. My Fitness Boot Camp, other classes and Personal Training are all a great way to get safely get started or change things up if you are already in shape.

The quality of exercises that you use in your routine is also very important. You should choose exercises that are more core strengthening and improve your core and hip stability to avoid injury and increase your athletic ability.

Here is a guideline:

1. Excellent-Bodyweight Exercises like Squats, Lunges, Push-Ups, Pull-ups, Inverted Rows, Dips, etc.- these exercises are more core strengthening and build core and hip stability. They can be modified to increase or decrease the difficulty and amount of core involvement.


2. Very Good- Free Weight Exercises using dumbbells, barbells, kettleballs, etc.-these exercises also generally require more core involvement.


3. Good- Cable Machines, Cybex, Nautilus, etc.-these exercises require very little or no core involvement but are better than no strength training.


If you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone and start getting some results then change your routine today. A good trainer or coach could help you reach your fitness goals by making you a new, quality routine or showing you how to perform exercises safely and effectively. Don’t –like so many people who fail-miss out on the opportunity to have something and accomplish something for yourself. Isn’t it time to start having the strength and stamina in your life you really want? After all, what are we living for if we can’t enjoy life?